Limited 30 contracts

Cost: 40 Sailor
Bonus: Variable
Time: 2h 0m

Final Reward: 3 GoldenSkull

# Story Deliver Bonus Reward XP
1 New Mentor Ahoy, my name is Bartholomew. If that's too long for ye, just call me Black Bart. So now show me that ye can get some gold together and then we can talk. 1,300 Coins x10 5,000 Wood 700
2 Prove Yourself Blackbeard told me about ye. Says yer a good pirate. That I can trust ye. But I will be checking that for meself. Some precious stones can always win my favour. 800 Stone x5 8,000 Fish 750
3 Weapon Upgrade It's time to upgrade our weapons. You can't capture a ship with cutlass and pistols alone. I have already taken care of the cannons. All we need now is the ammo. 350 Cannonball x3 10 Gem 800
4 Dinner Talk Now that ye look acceptable we can get down to business. Pirate trade is no walk in the park. To be successful ye have to plan your actions. Let's do that over a dinner. 1,400 Fish x7 3,000 Coins 850
5 Our Target There is a big fleet of Portuguese shipd not far. They must be carrying something precious. This is our chance, but more men will be necessary. 6,000 Wood 900
6 Camouflage Raise the Portuguese flag so we can enter the fleet inconspicuously. And don't forget the ladders and ropes, we will need them to board the ships. 1,200 Wood x6 1,500 Stone 950
7 Relaxing Hobby Arr we have our cargo hold full of fish, no place for the treasure. My men like to fish in their spare time. It's relaxing. I will sell the fish to you for a good price. 3,000 Coins x10 12,000 Fish 1,000
8 Just Be Calm We got into the midst of the fleet without raising alarm. Now let's board the nearest ship and ask about the treasure. The captain will surely know about it. 1,040 Iron x4 11 Gem 1,050
9 Be Merciful Sometime 3,440? Fish x7 8,000 Coins 1,100
10 Ready for Anything I would prefer a quiet approach. But ye never know what can happen. We need to be ready for an explosive situation. 400 Cannonball x3 7,000 Wood 1,150
11 Ship Captured Ha! The fools! They stood no chance. We boarded their ship without any casualties. And there is so much loot we can hardly carry it all away. Better get some more men. 1,200 Sailor x1 900 Iron 1,200
12 Hide Our Treasure Place the jewels and coins inside wooden crates. We don't need anyone seeing our precious cargo. 4,000 Wood x10 2,000 Stone 1,250
13 Shady Trade Wonderful! We will go to the town to sell the jewels and coins before they catch on to us. Give me your part of the treasure too, I will bring ye a profit much bigger. 4,000 Coins x5 12 Gem 1,300
14 Subtle Persuasion There's been a small hold up in the trade. If we show our new weapons to the good merchant we should have the gold ready in no time. 1,200 Iron x4 12,000 Coins 1,350
15 Dashing Outfit Now that we have enough gold let's upgrade our wardrobe. Some new hats and coats to show we ain't poor. 450 Pirate Hat x3 15,000 Fish 1,400
16 New prey? There is a new ship carrying something good not far. We shall take a closer look at it. I will leave some of the men looking after our precious treasure. 1,400 Sailor x1 8,000 Wood 1,450
17 Treason The wretched bilge rat! They took of with me gold. Ye can't trust no one in this trade. Let this be a lesson to ye. Now get me that gold back. I don't care how. 7,000 Coins x6 2,750 Stone 1,500
18 Fickle Fortune And they took one of me ships too. I know about one we could use instead, Fortune is her name. We need only to free her from her current owners and she will be ours. 500 Cannonball x3 13 Gem 1,550
19 The Pirate Code We may be pirates but we need some rules to follow. No stealing from yer mates will be tolerated anymore. I better set them in stone to make it clear. 1,800 Stone x5 1,100 Iron 1,600
20 Fish and Fun Let's enjoy some leisure time. Ye need to let yer men rest and have fun for a while. Or they will all turrn against ye sooner or later. Now get them something to eat. 3,800 Fish x7 10,000 Wood 1,650
21 Big Plans A pirate never takes rest for long. So we will blocade a port. This cannot be done with only the men we have. Recruit some in the taverns from nearby towns. 1,600 Sailor x1 15,000 Coins 1,700
22 Easy Pickings Not many ships are in the port, this should be easy. Let's send them a kind greeting from our cannons and they will surrender in no time. 600 Cannonball x3 3,500 Stone 1,750
23 Ordinary Rocks? One ship was carrying big chunks of stone. It may seem ordinary but I see something green glittering in the cracks. Bring it to me so I can have a closer look at it. 2,200 Stone x5 14 Gem 1,800
24 A Few More Cannons We were lucky and almost no fighting was needed in our last few raids. But ye must be prepared for action any time. Let's add some more cannons to my flagship. 1,800 Iron x4 20,000 Fish 1,850
25 Ready For Use Now that we can deal damage we should be also able to take some damage. Let's strengthen the ship's hull to make it more sturdy. Sea battles can become violent. 5,500 Wood x10 1,500 Iron 1,900
26 New Hunting Grounds Being a successful pirate presents a few problems. People try to catch you or are afraid and avoid you. So let's take our men and find a new place for our trade. 2,000 Sailor x1 13,000 Wood 1,950
27 A House on the Beach 700 Cannonball x3 4,000 Stone 2,000
28 Luxurious Furnishing Exotic furniture, beautiful rugs and paintings must be everywhere. As my apprentice I expect you to pay for it. Surely you have enough money after our exploits. 10,000 Coins x10 20,000 Coins 2,050
29 A Violent Storm We will need to build from the start again. A storm has easily destroyed the few walls we have built. A rich pirate like me deserves a proper castle anyway. 2,800 Stone x5 1,800 Iron 2,100
30 We are done Now I can live like a pirate lord and enjoy all my riches! I think a feast for the lord is called for. Also let's celebrate your graduation to a full-fledged pirate! 4,900 Fish x7 15 Gem 2,150
Well done, me hearty! Ye have finished all me contracts and become a fine pirate. Take this precious skull as a parting gift. Ye can trade it in the market for a reward ye like. Choose well! 3x GoldenSkull