Limited 20 contracts

Cost: 30 Sailor
Bonus: Variable
Time: 2h 0m
Level: 15

Final Reward: 25 SilverChest, Access to Erik the Red

# Story Deliver Bonus Reward XP
1 Viking Shipbuilder You thought Vikings are only fighters? Ha! Somebody needs to build the ships on which they sail. And that's me, Floki. Let's get to know each other over a lunch. 210 Fish x7 600 Wood 100
2 It's A Deal Shipbuilding is a demanding craft. You can't just take a few boards and nail them together. I will show you some tricks if you help me. Right now some coins might help. 350 Coins x10 1,500 Fish 120
3 Let's Build A Ship My friend Erik plans some sea exploration to the west. He will need a fast and sturdy ship for that. We have a lot of work before us. I might even pay you for it. 180 Stone x5 500 Coins 140
4 Outstanding Oak The main material we need is wood. The best type of wood is pine or oak. Make sure it is not infested with woodworms, or the ship will not hold for long. 240 Wood x6 350 Stone 160
5 Skilled Workers Only the two of us would build the ship for years. We need some workers to do the manual work for us. Of course, you can nail on a plank or two as well. 400 Sailor x1 300 Iron 180
6 Odin Is Watching My ships are perfect due to my insuperable shipbuilding skills but also thanks to the blessing of Odin, our highest god. So you better build him a shrine near the docks. 240 Stone x5 800 Wood 200
7 God's Favor Now that we have the shrine you can make an offering. Food or gold is always a good choice. But I guess you would like to keep the gold for yourself. 245 Fish x7 650 Coins 220
8 Unsinkable Ship With Odin's blessing we will build a magnificent ship that won't sink easily. Now go buy fabric for sails. We will need it soon. 500 Coins x10 5 SilverChest 240
9 The Next Step The ship's hull is ready. Now it's time to build the main mast on which the the sails will be fastened. Bring some more of that oak wood, it will be perfect for this. 450 Wood x6 850 Coins 260
10 No Slacking Off Don't you find that our workers are too slow? They are either lazy or don't have the proper tools. Hammers, saws, tongs bring them all. They better not dawdle anymore. 420 Iron x7 1,200 Wood 280
11 Deck Decorations I have a great idea! Let's use some of our shields for the ship's deck. It will add a bit of color to the monotonus wooden pattern. Take the ones men don't use anymore. 120 Shield x1 2,000 Fish 300
12 Freedom To Create A great shipbuilder like me needs to have his own statue so that my men can be proud to work under me. The statue must be beautiful, so no need to make it realistic. 500 Stone x5 1,200 Coins 320
13 Figurehead The ship's prow will be adorned by a spectacular wood dragon. Hire a skilled carpenter to make it. At least someone as skilled as me so expect it won't be cheap. 600 Coins x10 450 Iron 340
14 Muscles Needed The ship is ready to be set on water. We will move her from my workshop to the harbor. She is large and heavy so we will need a lot of men to help with that. 500 Sailor x1 1,300 Wood 360
15 Cedar Wood Is the dragon for the prow ready yet? No? Then take some cedar wood to the carpenter. I would like something more exotic for the main decoration. 700 Wood x6 600 Stone 400
16 Something Is Missing Hmm. It seems to me the ship is still missing something. Maybe some more decorations. Do you still have some shields left? 180 Shield x1 1,800 Coins 450
17 The Perfect Ship Another masterpiece done! Sometimes I surprise myself with my genius. After such a good work we deserve a hearty meal. Go catch some nice tuna for us. 700 Fish x7 8 SilverChest 500
18 Don't Leave Yet! The ship is finished but my workshop is now empty. Help me resupply while you are still here. I have no nails left and they are important. You can start with that. 460 Iron x4 2,500 Coins 550
19 Reserves Of Wood It's always good to have some wood in reserve so I can start building right away. Or repair some damage on an older ship. Which is not very often as my ships are sturdy. 540 Wood x6 800 Stone 600
20 You Did Fine You are still far from a genius shipbuilder like me. But I think you got the basics. I am sure you can't wait to go exploring. So one last task and you can go. 450 Stone x5 4,000 Coins 650
That's all partner! I'm really surprised you managed to fulfill all assigned tasks. As a token of my gratitude I give you my precious silver chests! Trade them well. 25 SilverChest