John Kendrick
Original 40 contracts - Available after completing Explore

Cost: 40 Sailor
Bonus: x1
Time: 2h 0m

Final Reward: Port Tailor

# Story Deliver Reward XP
1 Welcome In Reading! My name is John and I have a dream: one day, I want to make a fortune! Join me for a dinner at my family's residence and I'll tell you the plan. 120 Fish 1,000 Coins 450
2 Fancy Some Tea? As you have probably noticed, my family is pretty wealthy. However, I haven't bought even a single spoon in this house! Therefore, I want to build my own business. 80 Stone 100 Iron 480
3 Trust, But Verify! Thank you for the supplies but before I share my masterplan with you, I'd appreciate if you proved me that you're trustworthy. Do you have a deposite for any case of need? 80 Coins 1,200 Wood 510
4 Clothes Make The Man Wonderful! Now take a good look around. Do you see all these people wearing those ugly dull clothes? Get me a hand-loom and I'll show you something. 90 Wood 200 Stone 540
5 Let The Colors In! Life's too short to wear grey! I want to make fabrics full of vivid colors. Trade the precious cocoa a for the most beautful threads available. 50 Cocoa 10 Gem 570
6 And Now... ... we'll learn to weave! Oh, you've brought a manual? Come on, we can figure it out on our own! You'd rather get us food and wine - this will be a long night. 150 Fish 1,500 Coins 600
7 Splendid! Our first scarf is ready! What a beautiful color, what a beautiful texture! Let's decorate it with some precious stones and it will be just perfect. 100 Stone 150 Iron 630
8 We're Happy, But... Will someone else be as excited as we are? How much would the other actually pay for the scarf? We need to find out! Book us a stand on the marketplace. 160 Coins 1,500 Wood 660
9 Make It Fancy Whenever someone asks you about the scarf, tell them, that it was originally made for the Indian Queen. The market stand must be luxurious too! 180 Wood 300 Stone 690
10 Auction Alert! It's unbelievable how much these people are willing to pay for a humble scarf. Can you imagine how much we could earn one day? Quickly, bring the money box! 120 Iron 4,000 Fish 720
11 1, 2, 3-Sold! The auction is over and our result is: a fancy dinner plus we still have some money left. Mmm... I can already smell the success! 180 Fish 200 Coins 750
12 Get The Thread! What do you mean we ran out of thread? Was all of it used for that small piece of fabric? Well, we need to restock our supplies! You already know how to do it, right? 80 Cocoa 15 Gem 780
13 Let's Do It! The conditions for starting our own business are perfect! You look surprised but I knew it from the very beginning. Are you ready to build our first manufacture? 120 Stone 200 Iron 810
14 Steal The Weavers We need the best craftsman in the whole town but they all seem to be working for other merchants. Take these coins and convince them to join us! 240 Coins 2,000 Wood 840
15 Almost Done! Weavers - check, manufactory - check, handlooms - not enough! We need at least dozen, so hurry up and get some more. 270 Wood 400 Stone 870
16 I'm delighted Our manufacture is in full swing. So many beautiful fabrics! There's no need to go to the marketplace anymore - we can make a private one. Invite our wealthiest clients! 210 Fish 2,500 Coins 900
17 An Interesting Offer Countess Radcliffe LOVES our fabrics. She'd like us to meet her cousin who lives in London - Mr. Quarles. She says he's got some proposal for us. Get the carriage ready! 130 Iron 6,000 Fish 930
18 Did you know? Mr. Quarles is the Master Draper of the great Drapers' Company in London. He's a well respected man, so we must make an effort! Precious stones will surely please him. 140 Stone 300 Iron 960
19 It's Payday Time! What a faux pas! I was so busy that I absolutely forgot to pay our workers. Please, sort it out before we leave. We don't want any strikes, do we? 320 Coins 2,500 Wood 990
20 London Calling Wonderful. It hasn't been even one day on the road and our carriage got broken. We need to fix the wheels quickly, otherwise we're going to be late! 360 Wood 500 Stone 1020
21 We're Finally Here! I'm dying to know what kind of offer we'll get. Let's get some decorative stones for our fabrics before we meet with Mr. Quarles. 110 Cocoa 20 Gem 1050
22 That's Ridiculous! A 7-year apprenticeship in London! We've already build our own cloth-business and now we should start from scratch? Let's go to a pub, I need to think it through. 240 Fish 3,000 Coins 1,080
23 I Guess You're Right Being freemen of the great Drapers' Company of London would surely open new doors for us. If you're in, then I'm in too. It won't be easy though! 160 Stone 350 Iron 1110
24 Back To School! The best things in life are for free, but it seems like a good education is priceless. It's time to pay the school fees. 400 Coins 3,000 Wood 1,140
25 Our New Home You know what? We're too old to live in a dorm. I've rented a lovely castle near London. Furnish it however you like! 450 Wood 600 Stone 1,170
26 Old School Issues The teachers are excellent but the equipment is rather time-worn. Let's upgrade it! 140 Iron 9,000 Fish 1,200
27 7 Years Later... The day has finally come! Believe it or not - we're officially merchants of the great Drapers' Company of London. Something tells me that the best is yet to come. Cheers! 270 Fish 3,500 Coins 1,230
28 Patience Is A Virtue All those years were worth it - we've managed to build a great empire and the orders keep on growing. Let's improve our workshops; we can't afford a single mistake. 180 Stone 400 Iron 1,260
29 A Dutch Order I've just received an exclusive request from Holland: the Dutch king wants us to create a fabric for his daughter's wedding dress. The more expensive the better! 480 Coins 4,000 Wood 1,290
30 Silky Gorgeousness This could be the official name of our wedding cloth. It's light as a feather and soft as an angel's wing. Simply stunning! Pack it carefully and send it to Holland. 540 Wood 800 Stone 1,320
31 Chocolate Is The Key to a woman's heart! I've heard that Dutch princess has a sweet tooth so pack in a box of fine chocolate too. Let's hope she doesn't have to watch her figure. 140 Cocoa 30 Gem 1,350
32 Isn't It Wonderful? This is my favorite part of the day. Standing here in the harbor and watching the ships taking our fabrics far, far away... Oh, give me a napkin, I'm overwhelmed with joy! 300 Fish 4,000 Coins 1,380
33 Diamonds Are... ... a girl's best friend! Or, least, a best friend of the Dutch princess. She loves the wedding fabric, but she wants us to embroider it with precious stones. 200 Stone 500 Iron 1,410
34 Blood, Sweat, Tears ...and this is just the beginning, my friend. Let's expand abroad! And improve our manufactures! And hire more workers too! We have handful of work... 150 Iron 12,000 Fish 1,440
35 How About A Break? Isn't all the fuss making you tired? I admire your excitement, but... I wish I had a small house on the countryside where I could spend my days reading and feeding ducks... 630 Wood 1,000 Stone 1,470
36 Ain't It Funny? We're making expensive cloth for the richest folks in Europe while there are dozens of people in need among us. We should donate some of our earnings to charity. 560 Coins 6,000 Wood 1,500
37 Let's Do More! A single donation is not enough. We are so wealthy that we can't even imagine what it's like to have an empty stomach. We should cook for the poor every week! 330 Fish 4,500 Coins 1,530
38 Give Them Shelter Yesterday's dinner for the poor made me realize one more thing - these people have no place to stay! Please, take care of the business and I'll get them an accommodation. 220 Stone 700 Iron 1,560
39 Prevent The Misery Nobody should ever end up on the street and we must do what we can to prevent it. Our business is growing and these people could work for us. Build more manufactures! 160 Iron 15,000 Fish 1,590
40 Farewell My Friend You business talent is incredible but I've decided to dedicate my life to charity. Our cloth company is now in your hands. Take good care of it and visit me sometime! 170 Cocoa 50 Gem 1,620
That's all partner! I'm really surprised you managed to fulfill all assigned tasks. I grant you access to my stock of rare commodity as a token of my gratitude. Port Tailor