Limited 20 contracts.
Player level: 15
Sail cost: 20 Sailor
Sail time: 2h 0m
Bonus: Variable
Final Reward: 30 Gem.

# Story Deliver Bonus Reward XP
1 280 Fish x7 300 Coins 100
2 Long road ahead We will need to take a ship to get to our destination. i come from Britain but I know Ireland well. I have been there for 6 years as a shepherd on those green pastures. 300 Coins x10 600 Wood 120
3 Old memories It wasn't an easily life. I have been kidnapped and had to work as a slave. But these hardships have made me tough as a stone so I can return now and help the Irish. 120 Stone x5 450 Coins 140
4 The calling I had a dream. A dream that I should return to Ireland and help its people. So we are going back. The first thing we need is a ship that will take us there. 240 Wood x6 350 Stone 160
5 Found one! It seems we don't need to build our own ships. I have already found one on which we can sail to Ireland. But it won't be for free, we need to pay for the ferry. 400 Coins x10 800 Wood 180
6 A Good Catch While you were away looking for the money I have caught some fish in the harbor. I would be happy to share them with you. You must be hungry from all the sailing. 150 Stone x5 300 Iron 200
7 Pack Up Ireland is not too far  from here. Nevertheless we will need some food for the journey. Let's pack some provisions that will keep us happy and fed. 350 Fish x7 600 Coins 220
8 Precautions I don't need much but a journey like this will cost us something. I say better safe than sorry. Go and take some of your savings so we don't have to beg. 500 Coins x10 5 Gem 240
9 Bring on the barrels The ship we sill be sailing on is carrying a cargo of wine to Ireland. However there is a problem, they don't have enough barrels to store the wine in. 330 Wood x6 800 Coins 250
10 Generosity is great We have packed food for us and have not thought of the good sailors. Get some fish for them too so they won't take us for ungrateful passengers. 420 Fish x7 1,200 Wood 280
11 Smithing Supplies I have a friend here in the port. He is a blacksmith and needs iron for his craft. I have promised to find him a supplier in Ireland. Can you help him in the meantime? 160 Iron x4 1,000 Coins 300
12 Renovating You know my friend blacksmith already, right? He needs help renovating his forge. Could you provide the materials needed for the renovation? 250 Stone x5 2,000 Fish 320
13 Let's dress up Do you know the weather in Ireland can be quite unpleasant? We will need a pair of fine woolen cloaks. I expect that they will no be cheap. 600 Coins x10 500 Iron 340
14 Bad news Some sailors from our ship have gotten sick. They have probably eaten something foul. How can we set sail now without the full crew on board? 500 Sailor x1 1,400 Coins 360
15 What a find I have found some beautiful green gems on the shore. I have no need of them but maybe you can find a use for them. I will sell them to you for a good price. 800 Coins x10 10 Gem 400
16 As good as new We should have been on the way already, unfortunately the ship is not new and needs some repair. If we help with the material the ship will be seaworthy soon enough. 540 Wood x6 1,600 Coins 450
17 700 Fish x7 600 Stone 500
18 320 Iron x4 1,400 Wood 550
19 140 Cocoa x2 2,000 Coins 600
20 Finally! At last we can set snails. I must admit nothing but a few planks between me and deep water makes me a bit nervous. But I will endure that so I can follow my dream. 750 Wood x6 4,000 Coins 650
Well done! I had a good feeling about you right from the start. As a reward for completing all my requests I will give to you these beautiful green gems. Use them wisely. 30 Gem