St. Patrick II

Limited 20 contracts.
Player level: 14
Sail cost: 40 Sailor
Sail time: 2h 0m
Bonus: Variable
Final Reward: Golden Chance (40 People  , 18 Cargo).

# Story Deliver Bonus Reward XP
1 Let's Disembark! Finally we are here! It's just as I remember it. The lush green pastures with sheep, low hills and grey clouds overhead. Despite the past I am glad to be back. 1,300 Coins x10 1,600 Wood 700
2 Main Outpost I have some to teach and help the people of Ireland and for this I will need a building where the people will find me. The hill over there seems like a nice spot for it. 400 Stone x5 3,000 Fish 750
3 Sneaky snakes I am sure you know of the slimy slithering creatures overrunning this fair country. The beasts attacked me! Would you believe it? I could use some help keeping them away. 160 Cocoa x2 5 Gem 800
4 Our victory That went well. I have chased the snakes into the sea. We should be rid of them for good. I have an idea! Let's celebrate this victory with some tasty food. 1,400 Fish x7 5,000 Coins 850
5 New opportunities The villagers are good at farming but they have neglected fishing. If you find some fishermen among the sailors who sailed us here, they can teach them some tricks. 700 Sailor x1 3,500 Wood 900
6 A Tree Sapling Have you seen my walking stick? I have put it into ground a while back when we came here and now this tree grows here instead. It seems I will have to find a new stick. 1,200 Wood x6 1,000 Stone 950
7 Green as a shamrock Oh no! My cloak got torn. Could you buy me a new one? Remember I prefer wearing the color green. It reminds me of the shamrock growing on the green hills of Ireland. 3,000 Coins x10 6 Gem 1000
8 Gardening Tools The people in the village live from cultivating the land. You can see it also on their tools which are all pretty worn out. We should get them some new ones. 1,040 Iron x4 1,500 Iron 1050
9 Something tasty After all this work I have become quite hungry. I love corned beef and cabbage. The corned beef is actually just salted, no corn included. But fish will do as well. 2,040 Fish x7 6,000 Coins 1100
10 Dark Clouds Overhead The rain has been going on for some days now. We will need to build some barriers to keep the water from flooding the village. I have some wood that we can use. 300 Cocoa x2 4,500 Wood 1,150
11 Helping hand needed The storm has hit the village quite badly. We could use some help clearing the debris from the wrecked houses and trees. Ask the sailors from the port if they will aid us. 800 Sailor x1 7 Gem 1,200
12 Stray Sheep Sheep from the local herd have become lost in the storm. I will go look for them. You get some money to buy new ones in case I can't find them. 4,000 Coins x10 1,400 Stone 1,250
13 Lock them up Now all the sheep are back in the pen. Hmm I see the fence is in need of some repairs. Let's build a sturdier one so the sheep won't run away again. 1,500 Stone x5 10,000 Coins 1,300
14 Fixing the damage We have work to do again. The storm has ripped away the roof from the mayor's house. Let's make him a new and better one that will hold out against the weather. 1,200 Iron x4 10,000 Fish 1,350
15 A Bit Of Luxury I have come to love chocolate. I know it's a luxury which I can't afford but maybe we could get some for the farmers to make them enjoy their hard work a bit more. 400 Cocoa x2 8 Gem 1,400
16 Invitation to dinner The villagers have become quite good at fishing. They have made a big catch and want to share it with the sailors who helped them before. Can you get them for us? 1,000 Sailor x1 7,000 Wood 1,450
17 Fire festival Today is a special day called Beltaine. The custom is to light fires on this day. We can start a fire in the valley behind the village. Everyone should see it from there. 1,800 Wood x6 2,500 Stone 1,500
18 Have you seen it? The road to the neighboring village is in a horrible state. No wonder trade between the villages is dying off. We should be able to renovate it with a bit of coin. 7,000 Coins x10 15,000 Coins 1,550
19 Magic Fire? The fire is still burning? Unbelievable! It seems as if it cannot be put out. We should build some wall around it so it does not spread any further. 2,000 Stone x5 2,500 Iron 1,600
20 Thank you! You have been a great help. I think I will manage on my own now. A wonderful reward is waiting for you right after I bid farewall to you over a nice dinner. 3,500 Fish x7 40 Gem 1,650
That's all partner! I'm really surprised you managed to fulfill all assigned tasks. As a token of my gratitude I give you my most favorite ship. Golden Chance